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Revealing the reflections of my eyeball…. Radcliffe Roye is a Brooklyn based documentary photographer specializing in editorial and environmental portraits and photo-journalism photography. A photographer with over thirteen years of experience, Radcliffe is inspired by the raw and gritty lives of grass-roots people, especially those of his homeland of Jamaica. Radcliffe strives to tell the stories of their victories and ills by bringing their voices to matte fibre paper.


by @oggl_ig “◾️◽️Interview Part 3 ◽️◾️ ◾️You often include beautiful stories and social commentaries that go hand in hand with your images. Can you tell us a bit about your personal vision as a photographer? “The personal vision is easy. I have a soft spot for the underclass, those folks that people ignore of think of as being less than. I feel like I am ruled by a conscience that cannot help but see everything within the community I live. I also know how images about me and my race has been viewed and critiqued over the centuries, and I am hoping that my stories bring the viewer closer to the people I photograph. I am hoping that the stories will make everyone see that we are not that different despite our colour, social class or gender. I am hoping that it will make all people more understanding and inevitably I am hoping it will bring us all closer. I fear that if I had left the images without a caption, the images would have been left to the mercy of the stereotypes that are already out there about issues of race and social class.” ◽️◾️ Both @benitam22 and @mac73t would like to thank Ruddy Roye for giving us this wonderful interview. We hope that more people out there will see his photographs. He has touched both our hearts. 
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